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My Approach

My mission is to empower individuals and families to break their own barriers and break free from limiting beliefs, using a tailored approach that combines psychology, coaching, and family constellations therapy.
Together we will work towards creating positive, lasting change for a brighter future. 
Psychologist- University of Maryland
MBA Executive Coaching
Family Constellations Therapist - Hellinger Institute


Family Constellations

Connect the dots (backwards!).



What limiting beliefs are stopping you from being your best self?


Talk Therapy

Ready to listen to your deeper inner self?



In-person and virtual Family Constellations workshops.


(Spanish. English available).

Family Constellations were the BEST way to find a solution to the unsolved patterns that I had. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Laura M.Age 60

No upcoming events at the moment
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